St Mark’s Catholic Primary School Drummoyne has many facilities offering outside learning opportunities as well as classroom technology.
St Marks Catholic Primary School Hall

School Hall

Our school hall, equipped with a movable stage and an updated sound system, is a communal area for learning, co-curricular activities (before and after school), celebrations and school community gatherings. We have weekly assemblies where students share a class item and are acknowledged for their achievements. The hall is also used as an alternative play space during wet weather and for passive play at lunch. 

St Marks Catholic Primary School Sandpits

Outside Learning Spaces

Each day students are provided with a variety of opportunities to enrich their play and social interactions on the playground. This is achieved by:

Sandpits: Students can explore, play and use their imagination when playing in the sandpits.

Outdoor equipment: Dress up clothes and props inspire dramatic play and sporting equipment promotes physical activity during recess and lunch as well as building their social skills and interactions with peers. 

St Marks Catholic Primary School Technology

Classroom Technology

Technology is used as a differentiated learning tool to enhance and enrich learning so that all students are able to demonstrate their learning. Students have access to a diverse range of information and digital technologies and applications such as chromebooks, iPads, robotics, green screen and Spheros to create, problem solve and represent their thinking and knowledge.